Anniversary Concierge Services

You didn’t really forget your anniversary. It just seemed to pop up so suddenly. Now you have to scramble to do something you think will be special. When actually, it turns out pretty lame. Not this year! We know you waited until the last minute to try and throw something together. That's why we're here to help. So call us. We’ll do the last minute work that you don't have time to do. And you’ll get all the praise for remembering and planning a special anniversary.

Sure, you put a reminder in your phone. But you still have to take the time to call the florist, buy the chocolates and research something special to do, book the hotel, make dinner reservations or book those airline tickets. Whew, that's a lot to do in a short period of time.

We know you're busy, that's where we jump in to help you out. We'll order the flowers, send the chocolate, research where you could go and what you could do.  And then, we'll make all the arrangements. We do all this while you go on with your busy schedule.

Let us take the stress out of remembering and planning your anniversary. Make your anniversaries special from now on.

It's easy to start. Just book a time and we'll make something happen.

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We'll send the flowers for your anniversary.

Who doesn't love flowers?
Especially on her anniversary

Every year we'll make sure flowers get delivered. You set it up once and forget about it. That is, until you get the praise for remembering!

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Chocolate confections make your anniversary sweeter.

Oh yeah, add something sweet.

Along with the flowers, shouldn't you send chocolates? What says "I love you" better than gourmet chocolates? We'll order that special confection, every year if you want!

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No time to make dinner reservations? We'll do it for you.

Dinner Reservations
We take care of that, too.

Want to go somewhere special or different? We'll make the reservations for you.

Concert or event tickets.

Concerts or events
Local Attractions or Festivals

Add a concert or event to your evening. Don't know what to do or see? We'll help you find something special or different to do in your area.

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Last minute get away deals for your anniversary.

Last minute get aways
Save a bundle

Want a really special surprise this year? We'll search last minute travel deals for you. Last minute travel deals could save you a bundle and make your special day even more special. From a weekend in Las Vegas to a 7 day cruise. That perfect get away may not be as expensive as you think.

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Never forget your anniversary again.

Never forget again.
We won't let you.

Contact us now. With a little information, we'll never let you forget to make your anniversary special again.

And our service isn't just for YOUR anniversary, use us to send gifts to your family and friends for their anniversary too!

Start now with our A la Carte Services

We'll contact you when we receive your payment. Or you can book a consultation here.

How does Anniversary Concierge Services work?

You schedule a consultation and talk to us about what you would like us to do. There's no fee for that.

Then depending on what you need, we'll do the research, booking or ordering for you. The time we spend on that is our Service.

We'll confirm the purchases with you via email or text. You'll pay for any products, tickets or other fees we purchase on your behalf.

It's that easy! Tell us what you want, we'll do the work and you enjoy your day.

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Services we provide

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Bouquets and Flowers
From roses to daisies, small or large bouguets are a great way to say I love you.

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Confections and Gift Baskets*

Who doesn't love a sweet treat? From gourmet confections to fruit baskets. Even wine baskets (in some states).

placeholder image
Last Minute Travel Plans

Make it a special weekend and save money with last minute deals to special destinations. We'll do the searching, you enjoy the weekend.

This includes researching last minute deals, travel options, airfares, cruises, hotels, etc.,.

placeholder image

Start now and plan ahead for next year, or find a last minute cruise deal. Make your anniversary special this time.

This includes researching cruise destinations, airfares, ground trasportation, excursions, etc.,.

1 hour minimum.
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Tickets or Reservations

Tell us where you want to go, or let us find out what's going on in your area.

This includes research for Event tickets, concerts, area festivals, travel, hotels, restaurants etc.,.

*Gourmet confections and gift baskets are provided through Harry and David, LLC unless otherwise requested.

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Service Plans:

Let's face it, a year passes by quickly. You know it's coming, you don't really forget it. But you do often wait til the last minute and try to figure out something special for your anniversay. We can jump right in and help you plan the best last minute anniversary surprise we can.

You're busy with real life stuff, so leave the remembering and planning us. It'll make your life easier and happier.

We make remembering and planning your anniversary a whole lot simpler. We can even help you plan ahead for next year.

We have three ways we can help you plan a special anniversary.

  1. A La Carte
  2. Basic
  3. VIP

A La Carte Service Plan
We'll contact you when we receive your payment. Or you can book a consultation here.

When you just don't have the time to research and make plans. We'll do it for you. And you need some help now.

From flowers and candy to last minute travel deals, we'll do the best we can to and meet your deadline.

We may even be able to make last minute plans that will seem like you took weeks to prepare.

A La Carte service fee is $50 per hour.

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Basic Service Plan
We'll contact you when we receive your payment. Or you can book a consultation here.

Our Basic Plan provides a way for you to use our services through out the year. Plan ahead for your anniversary or use us to order gifts for your friends or family members anniversary too!

With our Basic Servie Plan you pay a $75 registration fee. This amount will be billed annually and applied to your service fees each year at the time services are provided.

Basic Service Plan gets 20% discount* on our hourly service fee.

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*Discount only applies to concierge services does not apply to products, tickets, hotels, restaurants, or any other pursh

VIP Service Plan
We'll contact you when we receive your payment. Or you can book a consultation here.

As a VIP Member you'll get a dedicated service concierge to help with your anniversary plans or any other travel or gift arrangements you need throughout the year. And we'll remind you every year when your anniversary is approaching. You can set up a basic flower and/or sweet treat order and we'll make sure it gets placed every year. And you have the option of being reminded 3 months, 1 month, 2 weeks and/or 1 week prior to your anniversary date.

A typical annual order consists of ordering a bouquet and gift basket for delivery on a pre-scheduled date.

Your first year set up orders should be placed no less than 3 days prior to your requested delivery date for flowers, or 5 days prior to your requested delivery date for gift baskets. Events, travel or cruise orders should be placed no less than 5 days prior to travel or event. (But if you really need it sooner, we'll do our best to help you get it.)

With our VIP Service Plan you pay a $150 registration fee. This amount will be billed annually and applied to your service fees each year at the time services are provided.

VIP Members get a 25% discount off our hourly service fee. VIP membership hours are billed in 15 minute increments after the initial 1 hour minimum.

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*Discount only applies to concierge services and does not apply to products, tickets, hotels, restaurants, or any other pursh

  • Service fee $50 per hour.
  • The cost of purchased items or third party services are not included in service rate.
  • Each member is responsible for all additional product, delivery, ticket, hotel and services charges made on members request.
  • We respectfully request payment at time of service rendered.
  • Additional hours can be purchased.
  • A 48 hour notice is requested for all services, although we'll always try to fill last minute needs.
  • Additional charges may apply to last minute services with less than 48 hours notice.
  • After hours, holidays and weekend services may incur additional fees.
  • Normal work hours are Monday - Friday 10am*-4pm MST.
  • Cancellation of an Annual Membership must be requested in writing within 30 days of registration payment. After 30 days there will be a $20 cancellation fee.

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* Why aren't we available at 8am? Because we do a lot of VIP services which require early access to get a jump on orders and get the best deals. And besides, you can always email us 24/7 and we'll get to work on your project right away.